Fiber and you Dvds are popping up all over, so i shouldn't have been surprised on a recent visit to the supermarket to find them in the groceries.Boxes of total raisin bran and oatmeal crisp have been issued containing four different sitcom dvds from sony.The discs come with either two episodes of barney miller or the donna reed show, or you can choose discs with one episode each of king of queens or mad about you with bonus footage.The episodes i've seen look better than broadcast, but are a bit choppy around commercial breaks.The cereal is tasty and provides 100% of your daily requirements of 11 vitamins and minerals.The best news is that the dvds stay crunchy, even in milk. By the way, our big kill bill dvd giveaway is still going on. (O)Master commander:The far side of the world(Fox)[IMG3R]Critics raved about this story of lusty sailors on the briny.Naval officers amuse themselves by snapping towels at cabin boys until an enemy ship destroys theirs, after which they try to defend themselves.Soggy theatrical hit available in both fullscreen and widescreen, plus a collectors edition with makingof featurettes, deleted scenes, and more. (O)All for the winner(Tai seng)Early stephen chow hit comedy is a hilarious sendup of god of gamblers, costarring action choreographer corey yuen. Flower Girl Dresses (O)Andromeda:Season 3 collection 4(Adv)Episodes 314318.Includes commentraks, featurettes, deleted scenes, and more. (O)The big empty(Lions gate)Jon [img2l]favreau is sent on an errand and ends up in a weird parallel universe.Includes director commentrak, alternate, deleted scenes and gallery(All with commentary), MakingOf, etc. (O)Bloodmoon(Lions gate)1989 Australian slasher about a barbwire strangler stalking a girls school. (O)Body weapon(Tai seng)Outrageous, repellent 1999 action/terror item in which cop angie cheong is assaulted and her husband murdered by a masked serial rape killer on her wedding night, after which she vows to track down the murderer.Includes commentrak. (O)The circuit 2(Dej)Olivier Flower Girl Dresses this page grunier and jalel merhi in a sequel to yet another undergroundfightinginprison movie. (O)Dark harvest(Lions gate)Killer scarecrows stalk teens on a smoky mountain farm. (O)Detonator(Ventura)Serial bomber! Australia (O)Dianetics:Visual guidebook to the mind(Anchor bay)Want to try out a religion that sells you common sense, but you're too lazy to read a book?Then this disc's for you, pilgrim. (O)Dreaming fists with slender hands(Crash)Two misfits get thrown out of a kung fu school, but have to learn something fast when they cross triad boss lung fei. (O)Duel with the devils(Crash)Darian tan and angela mao team up to fight japanese invaders in china, including kam kong and lung fei. (O)Fatal needles(Crash)Wong tao and lo lieh are unbeatable kung fu crimebusters until wong makes a mistake that gets his partner killed.Can he get it together to face bandit chief chang yi?Fine 1978 old school action from director lee tso nam. (O)Haunted mansion(Buena vista)Disney [img4r]serves up their second theme park ride movie in which eddie murphy is afraid of ghosts.Sophomore slump.With commentrak, deleted scenes, bloopers, music video, and lots of dvdrom material.In fullscreen widescreen editions. (O)The doubled avenger(Image)Vintage russ meyer supervixens kitten natividad, haji and raven de la croix cavort in a superhero adventure forrest j ackerman.Includes commentrak by drivein movie critic joe bob briggs, makingof, and more. (O)Heavenly legend(Tai seng)1999 version of the Chinese classic novel JOURNEY TO THE WEST. (O)Helter skelter(Warner bros. )True crime story of charles manson and his murderous followers.Star steve railsback has played both manson and ed gein. (O)He's a woman, she's a man(Tai seng)This gender confusion comedy stars anita yuen as a fan who disguises herself as a boy to meet her idol carina lau at an audition, but is made a pop star by carina's spiteful boyfriend leslie cheung.A blockbuster hit in hong kong. (O)Jack the giant killer(Mgm)Director nathan juran scored a big hit with 7th voyage of sinbad, so he and the same leads were hired to make another fantasy adventure for mgm, replacing the expensive ray harryhausen f/x with more affordable work by a young jim danforth.Columbia pictures got quite upset, but youngsters like me liked it fine.Hopefully mgm will also include clips of the awkward rerelease version that dubbed in songs over dialogue footage. (O)Killer buzz(Dej)Bees! (O)King of queens:Second season(Columbia tristar)All 25 episodes. (O)Knockabout(Tai seng)Actor/director sammo hung's 1979 martial arts classic gives his buddy yuen biao his first starring role as a conman who learns that his kung fu teacher is actually a savage bandit.Highly recommended. (O)Lost world:Season 2(Image)22 [IMG5L]episodes of adventure on a mesa.Or is it a plateau? (O)The master strikes(Crash)Complicated plot involve a stolen jade horse leads to fine kung fu action from yen shikwan, Australia eddie ko and casanova wong.Widescreen. (O)The meteors:Attack of the chainsaw mutants/hell in the pacific(Mvd)With that title, i just had to list music disc of the longlived, hardworking psychobilly combo.