Grateful dogs Josef stalin once said, is a disease of dogs.Since he is one of the leading evil people of the last several hundred years, i am pleased to be able to disagree with him. Sure, dogs are grateful in the moment, when the treat is sliding through their lips, but by the time it hits their bellies, it have you done for me lately?Sadie, a very cutelooking, blondeish pup we took in for a while during our longago rural sojourn in the wilds of middle tennessee.A friend of ours had found her and her brothers and sisters living in a culvert, malnourished, parasiteridden, wormy and scared to death of everything.We nursed her to health, overcame her shyness and were generally on the way to a happy ending, except for one thing:Every time sadie got in a moving car, she barfed. We tried pills(Sleepy barfing), starving her before a ride(Less barf, but not no barf)And various car ride positions and orientations(Various barf positions and orientations), but nothing worked.Does that sound like gratitude?We finally got resigned to it, being the softies that we are, and when we rolled, we rolled with plastic bags and towels, and a not insignificant investment in air deals on Louis Vuitton Handbags and upholsteryfreshening products. In the end, sadie was, alas, the victim of what i fear was a redneck holiday shopping expedition, as she disappeared one christmas eve afternoon(She was a cute and, sitting in our front yard with no one about, a mighty cheap present, perfect for a youngster). Another one of our string of worthless dogs at about the same time was thumper(Named for her constantlyinmotion tail, i hasten to add, and not for the odious rabbit in we sort of inherited thumper during a long renovation project at my parents house.Thumper had an unerring ability to sense lunchmeat anywhere in a given time zone, so she took to hanging out with the construction guys, then spending the night, then looking cold and having to come inside, then jumping up you get the picture.She fell terribly ill with an obstructed bowel, we paid for the surgery, and she was ours. Not a year later, she ran off with a pack of feral dogs in our rural stronghold, never to be heard from again.Gratitude?I think not. The crop of worthless dogs at chez davis right now does a little better.Rhys, the younger rescued corgi, plucked from the mean streets of roanoke, va., is still enthusiastic about staying with us;Judging by the time it takes him to devour his breakfast, he has at least 18 or so seconds of gratitude each day.Rupert, the portly elder corgi, schnozzles around contentedly most of the time, which approaches gratitude, i guess.Zeke, the maryland french fry hound is grateful for chasing his ball, which is something.They were all three palpably grateful for the prospect of gravy at thanksgiving, so i guess i shouldn complain. After all, stalin got the durability of communism, totalitarianism and genocide wrong, so i wouldn expect him to be all right about anything, most unlike the good folks who will sit down to address the issues outlined(Does this segue constitute a war crime? )In the item below.Jan.23 at the CSM La Plata campus in the Center for Business and Industry at 8730 Mitchell Road. The theme for the 2010 forum is bridges through dialogue and conversation.Open forum will include two interactive, smallgroup breakout sessions, led by facilitators to invite the community to consider and discuss issues confronting charles county in order to build a healthier, more tolerant community that appreciates and celebrates diversity. The forum is free but space is (free next day in-store delivery.) limited. Registration is required by jan.15.The snow date will be jan.30. The charles county local management board offices, currently at garrett avenue in la plata, will relocate dec.29 to the Department of Community Services offices at 8190 Port Tobacco Road in Port Tobacco. The new lmb fax number will be Louis Vuitton Scarves 3019340126. The board is responsible for planning, managing and evaluating services to charles county families and children.The lmb is also responsible for developing human services for children, youth and families as well as monitoring and evaluating contracts for services, outcomes and results provided by the county and private human services providers. Maryland master gardeners are volunteers trained by the university of maryland to provide environmental horticulture education Louis Vuitton Bags Outlet to individuals, groups and the community.