Patron (free next day in-store delivery.) saint of thieves and drug dealers Patron saint of thieves and drug dealers Mexico drug lords are so powerful they even have their own individual patron saint:San malverde.Every succeeding year on may 3, residents of its northern border western state of sinaloa, the birth place of mexico largest drug cartel, flock to rejoice their beloved bandit Sport a thick black moustache, neckerchief and gun belt, san malverde looks more like a personality straight out of a western movie than your typical saint.Although he is not acknowledged by the catholic church, this has not dissuaded his supporters from building chapels and shrines in his honour along drug trafficking routes in mexico and near the us border. His popularity among drug lords is so widespread that police in california have admitted to searching for san malverde paraphernalia on suspects in order to determine if they may be linked to mexican cartels. San malverde party begin with colourful processions on may 3 in the streets of culiac the state capital of sinaloa.They are followed by dancing balls where songs are played in malverde honour.Smaller activities take place elsewhere in mexico or within mexican american communities mainly in areas with a strong drug cartel presence. Malverde is said to are almost always a robin hood type figure, who robbed from the rich to offer to the poor.A peasant then came to space the body hung and told malverde:Taking my mule and cow.If you help me purchase them, i will bury you like a audra.Then lo, the mule and cow appeared next to the body.This story is an unconscious reference to the ancient greek language myth of antigone, who defied king creon of thebes to bury her banned brother body.By time, the border area concerning the states of sinaloa, chihuahua and durango had become a hub of marijuana and opium formation, with virtually no difficulty ideal climate low price and remote location.The government tried to finish poppy and marijuana cultures but was met with fierce resistance from local populations. His were being known:Escaped from jail because of malverde.They shot at me and Cheap missed owing to malverde That as soon as they began to pray to malverde, and soon his were being described:Escaped from jail merit to malverde.They shot at me and missed because of malverde etc a chapel was built for the people newfound hero right across from culiac town building, these people enough! Cult has spread to where by the drug cartels extended their tentacles of power pandora Jewelry: and violence In the present day, malverde is widely used mainly in sinaloa, but his cult has spread to anywhere the drug cartels extended their tentacles of power and violence.Although his followers are not completely drug dealers, all those who pray to him have getting some sort of link, at least a kind of social empathy, with illegal work.The poor or uneducated people who pray to him are actually hoping albeit mindlessly that the saint will extend his of the drug cartels to them,