Hazel mccallion wants to ban plastic Small Leather Goods bags She added that reaction in toronto since its ban was passed in early june should be looked at. "There's been very positive reaction in toronto.If we really believe in the environment, which we say we do, i think we've got to practise what we preach. " Mccallion said she spoke with the head of the highland farms grocery chain, who endorsed the idea of a plastic bag ban. "It would be nice to be consistent.If it's the right thing to do i think we should do it. " But she stressed that a proposed ban would only come before council after broad public consultations with citizens and grocery and retail store owners.Last month, mccallion voiced her criticism of toronto council after it passed a jan.1, 2013, ban without what she considered proper research and public consultation. great deals on Handbags On wednesday, she addressed the possibility of job losses, refuting Louis Vuittonhttp://www.kiss10.com/ the argument that some in toronto have put forward. Mississauga council also passed a bylaw wednesday banning the sale of privately bred cats and dogs in city Louis Vuitton Handbags Outlet pet stores. Councillor pat saito introduced the bylaw which received preliminary approval last week. Saito lauded the move aimed at shutting down animal mills where cats and dogs are kept in terrible conditions for the purpose of breeding.